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  • The VG-FN ASM #33, being THE character defining comic, must have fetched a pretty penny. I have a Marvel Tales reprint of #35 holding the spot until can replace it with a copy of the original. Spidey and X-Men silver age are generally priced beyond …
  • My personal treasure is an old Silver Age Spider-man #33. It is priceless because back around 25 years ago I happened onto a question on an ebay forum asking for favorite memory of a comic book, to which I replied, Amazing Spider-Man 33 hooked ten y…
  • too bad Hip Comics is allowing this to happen. I clicked all the filters to narrow my search down to silver age marvel, and got results showing everything because sellers are typing in shit like (1968 series, etc) I lasted 5 minutes. No patience for…
  • Thanks Dave, You've got some good comics there. a couple that I am considering. I'll be in touch.
  • I've been away for awhile and decided to spend some time here looking for Silver Age Marvel comics. I've always enjoyed searching on Hip Comics because of the filters. To my complete annoyance I have found that the old ebay tricks of working around …
  • can't find a way to add a picture to my store name. My store name is Simon Garth (based on the old Marvel Zombie). I'd like to add a picture of the Marvel character just for fun. Is there a way?
  • still happening. I have a stack I want to list, but doing it over and over because the listings don't show is wasted effort.
  • This is interesting. Comments?
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  • I charge exact cost for shipping and end up eating some of the cost because the platform takes a chunk of that as part of the overall 11 point something % transaction fee.
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  • Item #'s 6420416, 6436457, 6436429 disappeared. I paid listing fee for them. I tried searching by title under auctions and no result.
  • I'm new here, looking to buy Silver age Marvel comics in all conditions. The trouble I am having in searching is I am seeing way too much bronze, copper and modern mixed in with silver. This is detrimental to buyers as well as sellers.
  • I don't know what I was yammering about. I had to sit a few more minutes and get used to it. Agreed, the listing is made so much easier by the program recognizing the title, issue # and era, Well done. I found this site by accident and I'm so glad t…
  • I am starting to list some of my own comics to sell, and even though I'm carefully to make sure they are listed in proper era, they are lost.