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johns_comics (0) New Jersey

This is my comic store. I love and enjoy comics and have been collecting for years. I also got to know a lot of cool people in the comic book world. I’m also on Instagram under the same name and other platforms. Buy with confidence. Happy Collecting !

Collectors Attic of Virginia

Fonsecam (11) Virginia

Collectors Attic is your source for Autographed Comics, Comic Books, Graded Comics and Graphic Novels! Collectors Attic is the newest incarnation of our old brick and mortar retail store in Richmond, VA.

Trade Up Comics

john_brown001 (11) Illinois

We have a large variety of hard to find comics. Our selection includes graded books, Key Issues, variant covers and more!

Charlies Comics

CHRLes132 (10) Virginia

Signed comics ,graded comics and oldies i call wounded comics generaly poor of less shape many are good.Plus a assortment of other comics at fair prices


Captporkchop (0) California

Back issues to complete your collection

M & T Comics and Cards

brerbadger (2) New Jersey

We specialize in niche market books, specifically Furry, Steampunk, and Adult Only, but have thousands of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and other independents.

Comic Crusader

Tgervy (0) Missouri

Seller of unique and valuable collectible comics.

Just Spider-Man

Crowljor (0) Georgia

We deal with just spiderman comics and maybe occasionally other heroes. We sell comics that are graded in the 9.0s from CBCS and CGC. Our pricing comes from the Comic Price Guide and send offers on the book for a better price. Thanks for shopping.

Shiny Objects Vintage

Shinyobjectsvintage (20) British Columbia

Welcome to my store. I'm new to HipComic but I've been buying, selling and trading comics since I was 9 years old. I will earn your business by stocking a wide variety of comics, reasonable prices, and fast shipping. Thanks for having a look

Buy My Comics

torgotom (1) Texas

From my personal collection, a varied assortment of collectible (and some forgettable) comics. I have well-read and worn copies of 70s desirables and mint copies of 80's alternatives. Alan Moore. Neal Adams. Frank Miller. Stan Sakai. and much more.


dumbartonattic (3) Maryland

I've been selling collectibles online since 1998. Owned an old-fashioned brick and mortar used bookshop in the 90's.

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