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Buy Moore Comics

Gmoore (8) Maryland

I have taken the time to grade my books. Using The OWL Card for whiteness level, & using the grading system on ComicBase. All of my books are bagged and boarded. I will always have enough pictures for you to view. If some are damaged, I will let you know.

DeWitt Estate

DeWittEstate (0) Missouri

Golden age comics, Westerns, Classics Illustrated, Disney, Minis, Little Big Books and more.

Bmac's Amazing Collectibles

Bmac7 (2) Ohio

Something for everyone! 30 years of comic book collecting experience. Realistic pricing and deals on anything from Modern to occasional Golden age. Happy collecting... 'Nuff said!


DNBUT25 (3) Texas

My store focuses on comics published 1945-91 the Cold War Era and the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Copper Age Comics mostly in VF to GD Condition. Every child or at heart deserves a affordable classic comic to read, trade, collect, or invest. 100% My Scans

M & T Comics and Cards

brerbadger (2) New Jersey

We specialize in niche market books, specifically Furry, Steampunk, and Adult Only, but have thousands of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and other independents.


jaxonm963 (1) Florida

Long time collector. I am willing to work with anyone if you don't feel a price is fair. Just make an offer. I am always willing to listen.

Shiny Objects Vintage

Shinyobjectsvintage (3) British Columbia

Welcome to my store. I'm new to HipComic but I've been buying, selling and trading comics since I was 9 years old. I will earn your business by stocking a wide variety of comics, reasonable prices, and fast shipping. Thanks for having a look

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