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Excalibur Comics, Cards and Games

ExcaliburComicsCardsGames (690) Louisiana

Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games; located in Shreveport, LA; is your one-stop shop for comics new and old, sports cards, collectible card games, role playing games, and all kinds of other fun stuff!

Sterling Silver Comics

sterlingsilvercomics (114) California

Over 33 years of comic selling experience! Full line of new comics, lots of back issues, and always happy to help you complete your collections!

Saebasan's Comics

saebasan (536) Virginia

Welcome to Saebasan's Comics specializing in Zenescope comics and variants. We strive to maintain a wide inventory, so please visit often. I've been selling on eBay for years (Seller ID: saebasan), so buy with confidence.


EEGABEEVA (499) British Columbia

Buying and Selling Vintage Comics and Memorabilia.Disney Collectibles a Specialty. We Travel to View Collections.

Paul's Bargain Comics

Paulkienzle3 (1640) New Jersey

Great Selection - Great Prices! I have books from Silver to Bronze to Modern. I am adding more all the time, so contact me if you have something you are looking for.

Comic Haven

Comichaven (409) Kentucky

Comic Haven is a small shop with some big comics in Somerset, KY. We sell to have fun and get more comics. We have competitive prices and we will help you find what you're looking for.

Disco's Dungeon

DiscoDadda (86) Pennsylvania

Hello welcome to my store!! Tons of Comics, Monster Mags and D&D. I am a long time eBay seller branching out to other sites as those fees are getting pretty high. Happily answer any questions. Cheers!! Tom aka DiscoDadda

TJs Comics

tj9000 (393) Georgia

Decades of experience. Open to offers. Securly shipped.

Saxon Comics

gmchildress1957 (47) Georgia

Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and Modern Age issues of all conditions, many high grade issues. Also comics related items such as toys. Collectible books and other miscellaneous items. Something here for everyone. Seek, find, and purchase.

TATyszka Comics

Still12c (1134) Texas

Silver-Age to Current; Raw and Certified Graded; Comics for Everyone!


BooKooComix (188) Arizona

We specialize in Bad Girl books like Lady Death, Hardlee Thinn, Notti & Nyce, Penny for Your Soul, Patriotika, Totally Rad Life of Violet plus Do You Pooh, Tiggomverse and much much more!!! Thank you for checking us out!!!

Comic Blessing Sidekick Store

comicblessing (56) Texas

Thanks for browsing our Sidekick outlet store for amazing deals on wholesale overstock comics and graphic novels! We buy and sell 1000s of comic related items every month, so check back or visit our hero site at

Trench Collectibles

Whatareyaboyin (85) Alabama

Life time collector and online seller with about 4 years experience. I sell comics but also sell other comic related merchandise, including a large Heroclix collection!

Glenfield Comics

glenfieldcomics (57) Ontario

Offering a wide variety of older and modern comics from the various publishers. All comics are bagged and boarded and graded to the best of my abilities.

Freakshow Comics

FREAKSHOWFRANTZ (414) West Virginia

Thousands and thousands of raw and graded comics from very early golden age all the way to comis that just came out in the stores.

Just Comics

Crowljor (2418) Georgia

JUST COMICS are from all sorts of collections. This includes DC, Marvel, Image, and Indie books. Books will range from the Golden to the Modern Age. Everything that is posted is in Great Condition, Rare, or a Major Key.

The NutHouse

Mrbryceman (7015) North Dakota

Welcome to the NutHouse. Here at the NutHouse we have some really great deals. Everything from older to newer and Good to NM comics. All comics will be bagged and boarded . I am not a professional grader so some grades may be off just a little bit.

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