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  • It would be nice if the community knew who the seller was in instances like this.
  • What action are you engaging in when this message appears?
  • Here’s a link with a suggested workaround offered by Ted T. a few months back: I’d also prefer a way to “block” t…
  • I would think it’s the seller's prerogative or responsibility to list Spanish or other foreign language comic editions under the “International” category.
  • I think there’s a substantial number of customers that don’t look at the photos and an equal number that view images on their phones, so images aren’t given the scrutiny on would expect.
  • Beyond this? Adding the year reduced the number of GR #12 from 73 to 3 copies total, two of which are the desired book (for example).
  • They show up occasionally on eBay and Mile High lists some on their site: This site also has cover images & info: https://michaelmouse1967.wixs…
  • Congrats to Greg!
  • I’m not seeing a fold. Is there an address (w/stamp & postmark) on the back cover? Not sure what you mean by “draft”. This appears to be a “normal” issue of this fanzine, although in very nice condition. Hopefully there’s a few fanzine collect…
  • Overstreet is fine, but isn’t too accurate with moderns that are trending up due to MCU rumors or lesser known titles that become hot(Something Is Killing The Children as an example). An easy gauge for books common in the marketplace is to look at 3…
  • The winner was “superman1756” who had 50 entries for those keeping score at home. I was surprised as I tried to enter daily, but only managed 34 times. I guess I’m not visiting the site as often as I thought.
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  • Ryan, do you know if it’s already been shipped? How many business days are in “about a week”?
  • I recently noticed one of the larger volume sellers on here apparently hasn’t left feedback since 2017. I understand why it’s considered far easier to be a “good” buyer than a seller, but there are times a buyer needs that fb as a sort of reference…
  • A #2 signed by Milligan and Bachalo sold at auction for $12 on eBay yesterday. A signed #32 sold for $12 on November 5th. Looking at Shade sales overall, there appears to be little interest in the title as realized prices are pretty low.
  • I’ve been pretty happy with the titles published under DC’s “Black Label” imprint. There’s a few I still haven’t checked out, but I’ve found everything else worthwhile. Interested in checking out the new Avengers. Maestro’s been ok and Strange Acad…
  • Hurray! Actually I never noticed it until you pointed it out. I tend to browse differently, I suppose.
  • Hi Patti, I’m no expert, just a collector who enjoys things like date stamps, names on GA books, pedigree, and provenance. There’s been a great deal of shenanigans in the marketplace as pertains to pedigrees, particularly the last half decade or so…