Chances Reduced for Exposure on Home Page

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I hate to whine . . . .
. . . but have you noticed recently that all 16 shuffling item images on the FEATURED ITEMS option on the home page have been taken up by the SAME 16 listings for nearly a week??!

That means that all the sellers paying $2.50 for the chance to have their listing seen on the home page (full disclosure: that includes ME!) aren't getting a shot at a spot!

I'm not sure if this is some kind of special HipComic promotion just for the 6 sellers represented, or if this is going to be standard procedure from now on?

I think, if so, the 'Featured Item' option should be discontinued . . or if this odd 'promotion' is only temporary, a reduced rate for a 'Featured Item' would be called for.


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  • We're now into the THIRD WEEK of seeing nothing but AUCTIONS in the 'Featured Listings' shuffle on the Home Page.

    Auctions make up only 10% of the total listings for which sellers have paid to be in this 'Featured' option. Regular 'Buy It Now' listings - 90% of what we sellers have plunked down our $2.50 for - have been shut out.

    I'd sure like to hear from someone in Admin. here just what the procedure is for showcasing the 'Featured Listings' and whether any 'Buy It Now' listings which have been paid for, will ever show up again!

    (but considering how moribund this Forum is, maybe Admin. never checks it out any more!)

  • After a few back-and-forth emails with Admin it looks like the problem has been solved!


    All seems to be back to the way-it-was in HipComicland! :smiley:
  • Hurray! Actually I never noticed it until you pointed it out. I tend to browse differently, I suppose.
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