New Hipcomic Users sound off!

Hello, everyone.

My name is Joe Martin. I'm the new Associate Category Manager with Hipcomic and am now posting on the forums to get some interaction with regular users of the site, as well as trying to engage discussion on the forum, see it's level of activity, and get some feedback from you on-site features, things you would like to see or things we can do.

If you have any questions, you can get me here or you can always email me at


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    Nice to meet you, Joe. I sell on HipComic as well as on HipStamp, and it would be great if we could get the amount of community discussion up to HipStamp level.

    And while you are taking suggestions and feedback, the search function on this site really needs to provide Sort By Title, and actually sort off the "item_specifics_10_series_name" and "item_specifics_12_issue_number" fields. With so many offshoot titles containing character names, all of the keyword spamming in listing titles, and search results that include grading numbers, inventory numbers, and other numbers in place of the issue number specified, the search function is all but useless, as it stands currently.
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    Thanks for the great suggestions. This is an area we're actively working on to improve and we will be releasing updates throughout the year around this, and other search-related enhancements on HipComic.

  • I'm new to the site and i'm going to start selling at some point, i'm a little disappointed that theres no longer free listings because I wanted to test the waters.
  • Hi Joe ----- I don't know if you're still monitoring the FORUM (there seems to be very little activity here compared to the FORUM over at HipStamp), but I want to say I have recently opened a store here and am very happy with the smoothness and ease of the listing process.

    Except . . I have encountered a couple of 'roadblocks', though, that I wish could be taken down: when choosing a PUBLISHER or a MAIN CHARACTER from your available menu of choices, about 40% of the time nothing matches what I would like to enter!

    I'm listing a number of Golden Age titles where the Publishers and Main Characters are not on your list of names from which we can choose.

    ••• Would it be possible to add, at the bottom of your existing menu listing, a way for us to write in the appropriate names?

  • Following on Dave Bennett's post, I agree with the Main Character comment. First, I guess this is a category because input then becomes searchable? Is that correct? If so, I would add "Thanos" to the list considering the character's influence. Or, here's another thought: what if, in addition to the "superhero" genre, a "supervillain" category was added? That would cover many characters without going into every one.
    Just a thought from Fat Mouse!
  • Thanks for the back-up, Fat Mouse!

    This morning I was surprised to find there is no main character choice for the HULK !

    That could make him very very mad!
  • You can select Hulk for the Main Character, which is listed as "Incredible Hulk"

    At the moment, we do not offer the ability to write-in values for Main Character, because this would quickly lead to different names, spellings, etc. for the same characters (ie: Incredible Hulk) which would then make the filters we offer to members when searching unreliable. However, we are planning to improve these areas in the future.

    Our team has been quite busy on getting out our beta version of our Comic Book Image Recognition listing feature:
    and now we're working on a more streamlined App version of Comic Book Image Recognition. Shortly thereafter we'll be focusing on improving search/filters as well.
  • Oh - sorry - I never thought to look for Incredible Hulk!

    (I grew up as a DC fan! :smiley: )
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    "Our team has been quite busy on getting out our beta version of our Comic Book Image Recognition listing feature:
    and now we're working on a more streamlined App version of Comic Book Image Recognition. Shortly thereafter we'll be focusing on improving search/filters as well."

    Wow! I just encountered this as I was listing a comic for sale and noticed that the format of the listing page had changed. Then when I uploaded a scan of the comic, all the correct information on the issue popped up in a little box! It asked if I wanted to have that info filled in to the listing . . . but I had already done all that! Still, it worked like magic!

    And this was a fairly obscure Golden Age Funny Animal comic that the Image Recognition Software was able to nail on the first try!! I can't even imagine how much data had to be entered into this program to make it functional and reliable!

    Nice job, Mark! Bravo!
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    I love the site! I collected for years through the 80’s and 90’s and then stopped.

    This extra time had me looking back and realizing what they meant. Remembering comic book day and the first time I walked into a comic shop.

    So, a few months back I pulled out my box of comics. I can remember neatly bagging and boarding every comic as a kid. Even barely trying to open the comic to read it from the side. The foil cover was too awesome. I knew from baseball cards that any damage left it almost valueless.

    Maximum Carnage was one of my favorites but I wouldn’t let myself open Ultimate 1. I could just barely look at it from the side.

    Now I can see all of them digitally and buy all the ones I want.

    Hence my first purchase and post and thank you.

    Yes, overpaid but not over market.

    I will enjoy much more to come.

    Especially, The Amazing Spider-Man 300 and The Amazing Spider-Man 252



    Edit can’t post a pic: Won 9.8 Secret Wars 8

    And any newbie advice would be much appreciated. Hard to figure who’s trustworthy.

  • When you can't post a picture, the most likely problem is that the file is too large. Resize the picture so it is no more than about 800 pixels in the vertical dimension.
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