New Hipcomic Users sound off!

Hello, everyone.

My name is Joe Martin. I'm the new Associate Category Manager with Hipcomic and am now posting on the forums to get some interaction with regular users of the site, as well as trying to engage discussion on the forum, see it's level of activity, and get some feedback from you on-site features, things you would like to see or things we can do.

If you have any questions, you can get me here or you can always email me at


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    Nice to meet you, Joe. I sell on HipComic as well as on HipStamp, and it would be great if we could get the amount of community discussion up to HipStamp level.

    And while you are taking suggestions and feedback, the search function on this site really needs to provide Sort By Title, and actually sort off the "item_specifics_10_series_name" and "item_specifics_12_issue_number" fields. With so many offshoot titles containing character names, all of the keyword spamming in listing titles, and search results that include grading numbers, inventory numbers, and other numbers in place of the issue number specified, the search function is all but useless, as it stands currently.
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    Thanks for the great suggestions. This is an area we're actively working on to improve and we will be releasing updates throughout the year around this, and other search-related enhancements on HipComic.

  • I'm new to the site and i'm going to start selling at some point, i'm a little disappointed that theres no longer free listings because I wanted to test the waters.
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