I just saw the above listing on ebay, where the seller grades this book at VF, even while acknowledging the "small tear" in the corner.

In the Overstreet Grading Guide, a G/VG grade calls for no larger than a 1/2 inch corner tear, while the one shown is 1 inch. Even allowing that the rest of the book is otherwise in decent shape, that only qualifies for a "plus" grading increment, or, in this case a bump up to VG-.

That is how I would list it, if I had it in my store. Anybody else have thoughts on this?



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  • It's certainly not VF with the corner piece missing. Honestly, I've always interpreted a tear being a tear, not a chunk missing, nor is that merely a chip.
  • Good point, vis a vis "tear" vs "piece missing."
    One thing I dislike about the Overstreet Grading Guide is the use of too many similar looking example photos (and poor quality ones, at that, where many defects are hard to see on the page), and the strictly linear progression of faults shown for each grade, as if every comic goes through the same progression of wear, from tiny stress marks to color-breaking creases to loss of cover gloss to larger creases to edge chipping, etc. I wish they would cover situations such as this example, where a comic may appear otherwise VF or better, except for one fault that would apply to a low grade book.
  • As a buyer that would be interested in this specific book, it is no way a 8.0 / VF.
  • G/vg tops. I might go vg- if this is a 30s or 40s book and otherwise in great shape.
  • I cannot believe the VF/NM High Grade Amazing Spider-man #73.
    It has a half inch hole on the cover for starters along with smudges and creases galore.
    Is this a joke?
  • I cannot believe the VF/NM High grade Amazing Spider-man listing -
    There is a half inch hole in the cover along with smudges and creases galore.
    Beyond a joke. Come on guys, be real!
  • I've contacted the dealer about it. That's a pretty egregious case of over-grading.
  • There are loose graders all over every platform, I pay very little attention to assigned grades.I go off the scans.
  • Some of the scans are photo stock. Once I get bad comics from one of the sellers, I do not purchase anything from them again. Repeat business is key.
  • I’m a cautious undergrader when selling. I only use photographs, never scans. Scans don’t show accurate spine stability, and divets, waviness and general glossiness are difficult to detect.
  • I simply do not buy from that seller any more. I purchased a book from the seller that was extremely over-graded and when I contacted him about it, I was accused of trying to scam him.
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