What is the jewel of your comic book collection?

The jewel of my comic book collection is my CGC Graded 3.0 Amazing Fantasy #15, what's yours?



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  • I'm hoping that, come August, that book will become the jewel of MY collection. LOL
  • Johnny away that'll become a jewel all of my collection if it's a reprint
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    X-Men 25 Gold w Magento hologram

    X-Men (vol. 2) #25 Gold. Gambit is the hologram on the cover but I also got with it the Magento hologram on black board with gold print "Celebrating Thirty Years of Professor Xavier's Dream Team". I can't even find it with the extra hologram on the net, it always leads to the Magento cover in search. So I know I got something special there.

    Magneto was alway my favorite character because he might have been a bad guy but that doesn't mean he was a bad guy.

    It's not my most valuable comic, apparently that's Vengeance #1 which I lucked into on an off the shelf buy years back. Again, only because Magento was on the cover, and I was like, "Cool!"

    But, X-Men 25 Gold was my first jewel comic, and will always be the one book I never sell. It's got a lot of childhood memories and sweat poured to earn in it.

    Other jewels in the crown include Iron Man #3. It's in rough shape, but it's Iron Man #3. Totally cool. X-Men 137, because the story is amazing. I got two copies, one I'm going to part with and never touched, and one that I read, because that story was AMAZING. And to round out our final four, Amazing Spider-man 361, 1st appearance of Carnage.

    That's my Mt. Rushmore, as while I may have some better books value wise according to a comic guide, those were the four I worked for until I could afford em as a pre-teen. And totally worth it!
  • Mine is an ungraded Amazing Spider Man # 1 (Marvel, 1963). I estimate it would grade 2.0 at worst by CGC, up to 3.0 at best, if I were to submit it. However, my viewpoint is that once slabbed you lose the enjoyment of being a collector. Checking out recent auction sales (in 2021) I guess my copy is worth something north of $5,500.00 if I was interested in selling. However, I'm not interested in selling the jewel of my collection which is why it isn't slabbed. : - )
  • My crown jew still hasn’t made its way to my hands yet lol.
    Showcase 4, Wonder Woman 1 orSensation Comics 1.
    I have a 7.5 Brave and Bold 28 that’s dope and a bunch other DC mega key first appearances but those are my 2 goal books flash for me WW for wife.
    Hope to achieve the goal in next year or so once the almost 300 keys CGC has of mine get graded and returned…. Not holding my breath.
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