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  • I don't know the seller's situation, but if you have thousands of books listed, you print out the lable and go look for the book and it isn't in the box you thought it was. and then you have to look around for it. life gets in the way, maybe you hav…
  • As I read it. HIP has the ability to replicate your ebay store here. I only have a few items there, I would be here to list a bigger inventory without being charged a small fortune every month like on ebay. (I am more than happy to pay a % when some…
  • G/vg tops. I might go vg- if this is a 30s or 40s book and otherwise in great shape.
    in Grading Comment by Aidan H December 2018
  • My guess is that the item was bought out of their ebay store and they failed to cancel the auction here. Same could be true of an item bought here that around the same time is bought out of an ebay store (not surprising in the case of a book that go…