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  • My Conan the Barbarian B&W Magazines are photographed in their bags. I'm practically giving them away, so with those I didn't bother to photograph front and back, or out of the bag (but I will if any serious buyer asks!). MuB! Comics, Etc. photo…
  • Alex, check out my store! Just opened, so still adding new listings daily. I take actual photos front and back, not bagged! If you disagree with a grade I post for a given book, I'm happy to discuss. I may agree with your assessment! Grading is supe…
  • Update! You need at least a basic subscription to upload a store logo! Per Hip support.
  • To anyone else who may run into this issue, I have been informed by support that you need at least a basic subscription to upload a store logo. With a basic subscription there is a place on the store settings page to upload an image for your store l…
  • Nope. Just a place to add my store name. Is this because I have a starter subscription?
  • Yeah I'm having the same issue. There is no button for uploading an image where you describe.