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      Howdy all,
      I'm new to this. I collected as a kid but after I left for the service my mother gave almost all my comic's away! It wasn't until a few months ago when I found my old foot locker with a few of my comic's did I rediscover my love for them!
      I'm now an avid reader & collector of comic's from my youth! I read mostly DC War comic's although I do enjoy the Brave and The Bold & a couple others. Like I said, I'm new to this so I'm just now starting to broaden my comic Horizons.
      As soon as I have some more money I think I want to get a couple "Rip Hunter" comic's as I've always enjoyed dreaming about time travel.
      I'm a disabled Vet with extremely limited funds so I'm limited on what I can buy. I must say that I feel I'm reverting back to my childhood as I now spend my days reading comic's, playing in the dirt, I metal detect, and shooting inanimate objects!
      Anyhow, I'll pass this way on occasion & if anyone wishes to chat or share their experiences with comic books I'd love to hear about it! Finally, if my photo shows up that is my Australian Shepherd, Abraham. My 10yr. Old furry companion!