Something to eliminate having to go through the 1million added Mile High Comics

Not even sure what can be done and I am glad for you all they are selling here as it’s a big client.
But they literally are loading 10k comics a day and it is now virtually impossible to see new deals being listed. Instead we face a wall of mile high comic full price books.
Outside of now going through every seller on the seller list one by one for new books not over priced is there a way to filter out or can ya all add a way to filter out unique sellers from a recently listed/ ending soon ?
Again I get they are a seller and big one at that but you can’t tell me it’s not annoying seeing 800 pages with other sellers sprinkled through out when searching for new books not over priced.
If there is a way already that doesn’t involve 5 mins and 8 clicks please let me know as a seller/buyer my buying is slowing because I lose interest trying to get through the MHC sea.


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  • Hi Joshua,

    We certainly appreciate your feedback and suggestion. This will be passed along to our team to review. I also sent you a message directly from - in case you have any questions or need help finding an item on HipComic, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

    Hip Support
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    One workaround, Joshua, is to use the Show Only One Match per Seller option.

    If you do a search for, say, Spider-Man, in Bronze Age Comics, scroll down on the left and check the box under Show Only that says One match per seller. The search results then show only one listing from each seller with a listing in that category, along with a banner above each one showing how many more listings that dealer has in that category. You can then check each dealer individually. You can avoid Mile High because you can see the Mile High watermark on all their images, and, if you are on a desktop, you can hover over each listing and see a tool tip showing which dealer the listing is for, making it easy to avoid any other over-priced dealers you don't wish to see.


  • Just never leave my store and you'll be just fine! Best silver age stuff on Hip...oh but not a large store...hmmm have over 8000 books not listed and very close with old timer dealers! Just message me.
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