Virgin Book

How does one go about figuring out the title and # for virgin books. I’ve included the one I cannot find.
Any direction would be appreciated.


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  • I thought I added picture. Trying again.
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  • Thank you Ted, thank you very much.
  • Look for the indicia, which is the fine print at the bottom of a page showing the title, issue number and publication date, publisher name and address, etc. In days of old it was always on the first interior page of the comic. Nowadays, there’s no telling where you’ll find it. Usually, on the title page for the story, which might be 2 or 3 pages in. Other times it will be on the last page of the story, sometimes along with the title, making it look like closing credits of a movie. Still other times, it will be found on the inside front cover or inside back cover.
    Sometimes you really have to search for it, but it will be there.
  • Cool, thank you. I will look into it when I get off work. Shoot now I’m excited might just have to run home for brunch.
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