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Picked up the new Action, Detective and Wonder Woman issues, today, from my pull-list. But, also, decided to check out the new (again) Avengers #s 1 and 2, written by Mark Waid. I'm trying to find a Marvel title to add to my pull-list. Let's see if it can make it beyond 12 or 13 issues before it's rebooted again.


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  • ☑.Hack: Legend of Twilight-Tetsuya ☑Hamazaki
    ☑Angel Dust - Aoi Nanase (Adv)
    ☑Blood Lad #1 - Yuuki Kodama
    ☑Ceres: Celestial Legend #1,2 - Yû Watase
    ☑Chobits - Clamp
    ☑Cut - Richardson & Herman
    ☑Death Note - Tsugumi Ohba
    ☑Digi Charat #1 (viz)
    ☑DoroHeDoro - Q. Hayashida ( Most Recommended and watch the show too!)
    ☑Eagle - Kaiji Kawaguchi
    ☑Fairy Cube - Kaori Yuki
    ☑Fairt tail - Hiro Mashima
    ☑FLCL - Gainax & Hajime Ueda
    ☑Habibi - Craig Thompson
    ☑Her Majesty's Dog - Mick takeuchi
    Juror 13 - DJ Milky
    ☑Kamui - Shingo Nanami
    ☑Lone Wolf 2100 vol 1 - Kennedy & Velasco
    ☑Neon Genesis Evangalion: Angelic Days - Fumino Hayashi
    ☑Orphen - Yoshinobu Akita
    Pokémon: Sun & Moon - Satoshi Yamamoto
    ☑Princess Ai - Courtney Love & DJ Milky
    ☑Psychic Academy - Katsu Aki
    ☑Read Or Die - Hideyuki Kurata & Shutaro Yanmada
    ☑Saga - Brian k. Vaughn & Fiona Staples
    ☑Sakura Taisen- Ikku Masa & Kosuke Fujishima
    ☑Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories - Hitoshi Okuda
    ☑Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path, A Clan In Need - Erin Hunter
    ☑kingdom Hearts - Shiro Amano
    ☑Firefighter! Daigo of the Fire Company M - Masahito Soda
    Those are the Manga and Trade Paper Back Volumes i have. Currently Reading Sakura Taisen, Saga, & Kamui

  • I’ve been pretty happy with the titles published under DC’s “Black Label” imprint. There’s a few I still haven’t checked out, but I’ve found everything else worthwhile. Interested in checking out the new Avengers. Maestro’s been ok and Strange Academy has held my interest so far.
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