Dead accounts

I was wondering if there is criteria for when to cut the dead weight off. I mean, I was looking at all the stores (ALL) and accounts that were started a few years ago, with no feedback (or poor feedback) and only item(s) for sale that is(are) ridiculously overpriced ... seriously ... it kind of reduces the credibility of every other store. If people want to be playing in the big leagues, shouldn't there be a cut-off?


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  • There was one account I ordered from it wasn't a huge order maybe around 17-18 bucks I sent them several messages after a week or so and even after almost a month find out there account hasn't been active for ever . Had to go to PayPal site and so far I got my money back. I really wanted the Comics I ordered but I at least got my money back
  • Lately, a seller -who'd received many complaints- simply set up another account. Still doing the same thing's (as far as I can tell). Note: "Oscar360" is now "TheHut". Still says everything is mint, but because he just opened this account we don't have any feedback regarding his shipping and lack-of handling.
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