Bad Shipping Costs

I have ordered about 50+ comics from one vendor, and it also says over 50 is free shipping. The cart is telling me the shipping is 212.00. I also cannot see any way to contact the seller on his Store page to work out any details. Is there any way around the shipping charge in the cart?


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  • looks like it is charging 4 bucks shipping per comic, not sure if that is a buyer setting or not, figured I would update this thread though
  • You can contact any Seller by clicking on the "Question" tab at the top of any listing. If you believe there's an issue with a Seller's shipping charges, or you're not receiving a discount shown - feel free to reach out to the Seller directly, or bring the matter to our Support Team's attention by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on HipComic in the footer.
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