A plea to sellers

Can you please make an effort to properly categorize your listings? It's extremely difficult to shop gold and platinum age books when they are littered with modern age, It just makes me go elsewhere.

Thank you for the consideration.


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  • um you mean don't list them by title? I always list by title and not age.
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    I don't think he is referring to the listing titles or descriptions. When a seller lists a book, they select a Category (time period) in which to place it.
    Category 1

    When a buyer does a search for, say, Silver Age Superman books, they use the search term "Superman," and then filter the results to show only books categorized as Silver Age.

    Category 2

    The problem is, many dealers either are oblivious to to the fact they are posting in the wrong category, or else they are simply, for god-knows-why deliberately posting them in the wrong category. Thus your search results, ostensibly filtered to show only Silver Age books are littered with Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age books, as shown in the next screen shots.

    Only ONE book on the whole first page of this Silver Age search is actually a Silver Age book.

    Category 3
    Category 4
    Category 5
    Category 6
    Category 7
  • We should be able to automatically fix this, for all listings, regardless of what the Seller entered. Very soon...
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