A plea to sellers

Can you please make an effort to properly categorize your listings? It's extremely difficult to shop gold and platinum age books when they are littered with modern age, It just makes me go elsewhere.

Thank you for the consideration.


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  • um you mean don't list them by title? I always list by title and not age.
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    I don't think he is referring to the listing titles or descriptions. When a seller lists a book, they select a Category (time period) in which to place it.
    Category 1

    When a buyer does a search for, say, Silver Age Superman books, they use the search term "Superman," and then filter the results to show only books categorized as Silver Age.

    Category 2

    The problem is, many dealers either are oblivious to to the fact they are posting in the wrong category, or else they are simply, for god-knows-why deliberately posting them in the wrong category. Thus your search results, ostensibly filtered to show only Silver Age books are littered with Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age books, as shown in the next screen shots.

    Only ONE book on the whole first page of this Silver Age search is actually a Silver Age book.

    Category 3
    Category 4
    Category 5
    Category 6
    Category 7
  • We should be able to automatically fix this, for all listings, regardless of what the Seller entered. Very soon...
  • Usually it recognizes it for me. I always check when posting something it didn't recognize because it it annoying when stuff is wrong
  • I've been away for awhile and decided to spend some time here looking for Silver Age Marvel comics. I've always enjoyed searching on Hip Comics because of the filters. To my complete annoyance I have found that the old ebay tricks of working around the filters seems to have caught on here. What a shame. I don't like to waste my time. Search results , show every age now because a seller skips the filters when he's creating the listing and types in "1964" "1968" etc. No sale. I'm out.
  • Thanks Dave, You've got some good comics there. a couple that I am considering. I'll be in touch.
  • too bad Hip Comics is allowing this to happen. I clicked all the filters to narrow my search down to silver age marvel, and got results showing everything because sellers are typing in shit like (1968 series, etc) I lasted 5 minutes. No patience for scrolling past junk.
  • I agree. I will come back to Hip Comics when that’s fixed. A shame since there are great sellers here but it’s a search waste of time
  • Charles L. -- you have to realize that this is a failure that has nothing to do with HipComic. HC has an amazing system in place that can correctly identify and categorize a comic simply from a cover image, but there are lazy or indifferent sellers that just don't use this free system . . or ANY system, other than ignoring it . . and wind up having their items mistakenly show up in Buyers' searches.

    Frustrating, I know . . but NOT Hipcomic's fault!
  • Except, Dave, that HipComic search does not work the same as HipStamp search. HC does not use the “Series Name” field for searches, only the listing title, which results in all the spurious search results because of dealers who stuff their listings with keyword spam.

    If I am searching for Superman #200, there is no reason I should see search results like this:
  • Oh - I didn't realize that, Ted -- I thought the 'Search' function used the 'Item Specific' fields we fill in for each comic.
    Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 7.54.41 AM
    I thought the whole point of filling in those fields accurately was because that's how a buyer who was browsing for a book could zero in on it, because that was the information with which Hipcomic directed their search.

    My mistake!
  • Crazy, isn’t it? Also, if there are going to be all these junk search results, why doesn’t HC have a Sort by: Series name?
  • Yes, I've always wondered that -- and additionally, it would be nice, if you were only searching on a title (like 'Green Lantern'), if they could order the results by issue number if you were after a number of different issues and not just one specific one.

    Oh well.

    Little niggling things:
    •• Why does my store not automatically display my listings in 'Recently Listed' order, rather than just scrambled?
    •• Why are we no longer allowed to 'Feature' a listing on the Home Page (for $2.50)?? The first 4 listings in the 'slide show' are always the site owner's slabbed comics, and the other 12 are always from the top 2 expensive store categories. No room in the sandbox for us little guys, I guess!

  • too bad Hip Comics is allowing this to happen. I clicked all the filters to narrow my search down to silver age marvel, and got results showing everything because sellers are typing in shit like (1968 series, etc) I lasted 5 minutes. No patience for scrolling past junk.
  • got a notice that HipComics has a new website design, so I checked and nope the problem persists. They are ignoring our comments.
  • i really liked there so many stores with cool HQs, but i was wondering, bc im from brazil, some1 know there any problem shipping to brazil? and id like keep in touch some1 about old hqs
  • I’m going through all my individual listings and fixing all the problems with these issues I can’t thank you guys enough for this forum I had no idea.
    When i listed my comics i was under the impression that it was easy. Turned out it wasn’t. I’m spendings hours going through my listings now. It sucks ass. No wonder my store sucked ass. LOL. Now that’s done. What about those freaking FEES
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