Rash of Non Paying Purchases, Some Questions

In past two months, I have had three orders spread over HipComic and HipStamp that were not paid, and there was no response from purchaser. I applied for fee refund for all three, even after 30 days, and that was taken care of.

I know in past Mark has said use feedback system for this. I admit I have not done so, but right now I am looking at someone with zero prior feedback, who bought two comics for $78 on 7/25, has not paid, and has not responded to my one query.

I guess I will have to at least start posting negative feedback and state the reason. I always fear feedback wars, though, what happens if I post legitimate negative feedback, and the non paying buyer hits my feedback? Any recourse?

But I wanted to ask, isn't non payment after purchase really such a serious thing that it should result in some sort of independent reporting system or sanction? Listing? Warning? Strikes and your account is closed? An offer to purchase is the glue that binds online selling together, and blowing it off and not paying breaks the heart of the contract.

Just musing.


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  • If you leave negative feedback against a member, they are not allowed to simply retaliate and leave negative feedback against you. This is against our terms and conditions and would be removed.

    Feedback is one piece of information we use when taking appropriate action against members. Non-payment of purchases (regardless of feedback) is another factor, etc.
  • OK. Then I need to go back to these items and leave negative feedback. Right now I am looking at a recent sale for two comics total $78.00, no payment, no response to at least two messages requesting payment. Thanks for getting back to me with your reassurance on the feedback question.
  • I have had 3 auctions in the last week ( 2 different bidders ) for $160+/- go unpaid....that makes 4 in 3 weeks, haven't seen this here before
  • Now its 4 out of t buyers not paying or responding to emails...what is going on with this site!?
  • I sell comics here myself, and out of about 200 orders, I never had any unpaid orders. However, 2 weeks ago, I had 4 out of 20 unpaid. I followed-up with all of the buyers, and at first I did not receive a response, but now 3 out of 4 all paid - they were all on vacation. I suspect that may be the same case with your buyers. However, if you're still having trouble reaching your buyers, just use the Contact Us link in our footer, and we can help reach out to the buyers in question.
  • In past three days, I finally received payment from one order about a month old after third message was responded to. A second order 30 days old, to which three messages never got a response from purchasers (with zero prior ratings for their account), was for about $80 dollars or so. This morning I gave up and did a negative feedback stating non payment and failure to respond to multiple messages. I then relisted the two comics.

    In the future, how long should we wait if you want us to contact support and let you try to contact them before doing negative feedback. It appears unpaid items scroll off the reminder of orders unpaid after 30 days, and also after some period of time, even if I go back and find them, the ability to do negative feedback disappears from options associated with the sale. I discovered that on one order that was over six months old I went back and tracked down.
  • If you haven't received payment within 14 days, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Off the top of my head (this could be wrong) feedback can be left for 90 days.
  • I have also had a rash of unpaid invoices over the last couple months. I have reached out to buyer and left messages. After 14 days I cancel the transaction, Leave feedback. Some pay most don't and they don't respond to messages. But it ties up inventory. You should be able to block a bidder that does not pay.
  • To follow up with this ... I have had 13 orders that I have cancelled in 2018 due to non payment.
  • Im just a buyer, but it sucks for us too. I/We could have won an auction and bought a new comic if not for these butt holes.
  • I have had over 1000.00 in sales in the last month non-pay, reaching out to Hip-Comics for help and suggestions, cancel the sale is what I got. Hip said they would gently nudge the offending buyers, no nudge, kick them in the ass, this is not a game, it is not fair to the legitimate sellers, bidders and buyers, everybody looses even Hip, There has to be something done about these people. I guess it is my choice to sell on Hip, Maybe I should just reconsider my decision.
  • If any Hipcomic users have any problems with non-paying users, particularly regular non-paying users, please reach out to me at joe@hipcomic.com.

    I am populating a list of users that are known offenders and am dealing with them as they come up.
  • These non payers are a pain in the ass. They hold your merchandise hostage. Why bid if you are not going to buy and purposely outbid a potential customer. I just don't get it.But if you contact Joe Martin he gets things done.

  • Can you post the non paying bidders, that way we don’t have to out bid them, just a waste of time!
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