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Yesterday I made changes to about a dozen items in store, all Overstreet guides. I used this opportunity to clean up the imported descriptions from BidStart, and to upload images of front and back covers to HipComic. On one item, Overstreet #22, I noted this morning that the gallery image was showing as unavailable. I edited, and both images uploaded were there. Viewing the item, both were three, but the first one displayed as gallery in upper left, and below that, where it should have appeared small as first of two images, the broken image showed. I tried twice to delete and add the two back. Finally, I deleted the whole item, and created a new listing, #3887153. However, the same thing is now happening in that listing. I have no idea why. The image uploaded is ok as far as I can tell, but this is a bizarre glitch.


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  • FWIW, I just went back experimented. I added a different .gif image of the front cover, a lower resolution (although the ones I am using are only 512x768). It showed up after being reordered so it appears in the listings as first image. I then deleted the image that would not display. So, fixed, but a kludge, and zero idea why the original image would not display, it displays on my local computer just fine with no error.
  • I've occasionally experienced this same problem, and I don't know what causes it. But, I've always gotten around it by editing the original image slightly (usually by cropping it slightly; just something to make it a "different" image) and saving it under a new name, to make sure it is a completely different file from the original image. That has always worked for me.
    If I may make a suggestion, a higher resolution scan is much more useful to, and appreciated by customers, to better evaluate the condition of the books. I've settled on a 1200px wide image size.

  • In regard your comment on size of image, for many years selling online I used URLs in descriptions to redirect to images on my own web server. However, that has become a no-no due to security considerations. I just finished hand editing nearly 900 items on bonanaza.com, all 700 or stamps on HipStamp, and today started working through all the comics I have on HipComic. I was using the 512x768 size, but if the larger size is acceptable to Hip* sites, I will start using that size. I have the larger size images for all stuff I have sold for years still on file, and am simply uploading from my web server. In past, I always used redirects, click on the lower size image, and load the larger image. Sites now are able to afford so much disk space, that uploading images has basically become not the issue it was a decade ago.
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