My Collection Beta

I tried My Collection Beta for the first time a few days ago, entered about 50 books.
Just a little feedback on improving My Collection:
1) Needs the option to sort alphabetically. If I want to view My Collection I probably want to see what I have and what I'm missing and I'd do that alphabetically / numerically. The ability to print a list would be nice too.
2) Needs the option to manually search for a comic and to select other variants and versions, whether rare or common.
It recognized my Batman #2 but didn't recognize (or give me the option to select) that it was the rare 15 cent variant.
I tried a few times to enter my USPS reprint of Action #1. At first it saw it as an original. I re-scanned and it saw it as a Millennium reprint. I never could get it to recognize it as a USPS Action #1 reprint.
When variants and reprints exist, it should just give the opportunity to select which version it is. I had a similar problem with a JC Penny reprint of Amazing Adult Fantasy #13 that it only saw as original.
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