OCTOBER's Been Our Worst Month Ever . . for Sales.

We've been selling for almost 2 1/2 years here, and this October has been our weakest month yet! Just today - 22 days in - we had our first sale of the month!

Is it inflation? People spending all their time reading their Voter Information Booklets?

We're just two old guys cleaning out our closets, using lots of scans in every listing, and offering maybe the lowest shipping costs here on HipComic . . but it's sure not bringing in the customers like it used to!



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  • Any change for the better, in your sales, Dave?
  • Hi Ted! Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

    Ironically, not too long after I posted that original lament, our sales improved to the point where November was the third best month of 2022 for us! I think putting our store's URL at the end of the post really attracted some eyes . . and purchases!

    But then the next month, our sales went into a tailspin, and December was our worst month EVER in three years! :neutral:

    I can't really figure out why the monthly sales swing up and down so wildly - we have a varied stock with 6 to 10 images per listing, LOW shipping costs, and probably 'way too much background info on each comic, but we don't advertise or promote in any way, and that may limit our potential buyers to those who are just looking for a particular issue, and happen to find it at Benny's Comics Corner! :smiley:

    Thanks for asking! How are YOUR sales?
  • My sales are barely covering my store fees. Maybe I should try your technique

  • As a customer, the big reason I’m not buying on Hip Comic are the prices. I just saw a book listed for $200 that is selling for $25 on eBay in the same condition. Another seller here was claiming a raw comic grade of 9.4 and listed it for $500. That same book, graded at a 9.6, is $100 less on eBay.

    When I first started buying here, it was because it was competitive and had rare books you couldn’t get on eBay. Now the prices and selection are worse. The people at Hip are great, but even their consierge service can’t overcome these shortcomings.
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