Un-noticed gems? Marvel reprints...

while looking at a picture of the cover to Thor #133 introducing Ego, I decided to compare that picture to a picture or Marvel Spectacular # 4 which reprints that issue, including the cover, although with a slight alteration. The alteration appears to have been drawn by Kirby, replacing his original portrait of Ego with the likeness of Stan Lee. Has there ever been mention of this before? And are there other reprints that feature altered versions of the original cover featuring such clever changes?


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  • Comics.org mentions this cover re-print was taken from “an unaltered stat” for what that’s worth. Maybe this was done originally as a dig/gag towards Kirby, but altered for the Thor #133 printing. I’m sure there’s several other instances of this sort of thing happening, but I don’t have the best memory for these sorts of things. Neat find!
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