Problems with my bidStart Images

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I have been going through each and every item I have listed on Bidstart for the last 2 months. This to track down hundred of missing scans. Now, I have a new problem. All my items in Qatar, except one, are showing scans of postcards, paper money and coins plus a couple of stamps from different countries.
For the moment, I'll leave Qatar as is, before I go through these and download new pics, I would like to make sure that I'm doing the right thing changing the items on Bidstart and let the system do the transfer to Hipstamp.


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  • Quick Note: I moved this from Bugs to Questions, since it's not an issue with HipStamp, as HipStamp is simply pulling the item images as they appear on bidStart.

    That being said, currently with our bidStart Sync, if you list new items on bidStart, or you close / sell items on bidStart, those changes will propagate to HipStamp - as well as price changes. However, if you manually edit listings on bidStart, for example to change the image of an item - these changes will not necessarily automatically come over to HipStamp.

    However, if you correct all of the images on bidStart - and then Contact Us, we can refresh your listings for you, to ensure we've picked up all your latest changes. So just go ahead and correct the images there, and then Contact Us and we'll get it sorted out for you.
  • Mark: I added a new item on BS today with four images and only the first image was populated to HS?
    BS Item # 81649159
  • Currently we can only import one image per bidStart listing, as this is a limitation of the bidStart API. However, once the acquisition of bidStart is complete we plan to update this accordingly.
  • Thanks Mark, I guess I had not noticed this before, I should pay closer attention!!
  • Mark, thanks for the answer. Can we do this in several times. Because I have been putting images on Bidstart for the last 2 months. I'm talking almost a full time job, there's hundreds of them! And this will not help sales on Hipstamp, so if this could be done now, this would help a lot.
    I will then contact you when I'm through with another 2 / 3 weeks and so on. Is this possible? Because I have 16000+ listings...
  • Mark ... once the API is updated, do you have plans to do a one-time refresh of all HS listings so that all of the additional images get ported over?
  • Mark, A one-time refresh as suggested by Robert would help me too because I have the same issue on hundreds of my listings with multiple images. Thanks.
  • Hi All,

    I just noticed that I now have two images imported from BS to HS. Thank-you Mark, that was very quick and my adverts look a lot better now.

  • Not sure this is fixed yet, I am not seeing multiple images even though the sync is updating from BS
  • Hi Michael,

    You're right, this isn't fixed yet. I think I was looking at adverts that I had put directly onto HS with two images. Must be getting old and confused!

  • Mark, I have just finished going through all my listings and removed the postcards and money pics (which I don't even have) from my stamp listings. I have tried to synch Bid/Hip. Could you take a look, I must be doing something wrong, because nothing happens.
  • I've manually re-queued your items to re-process the pictures - but it will take a few hours. If it's not fixed by tomorrow let me know.
  • Good morning Mark! I've just checked my store, everything is fine! All the pics are up. And also, new listings made on Bid appear almost instantly on Hip! Thank you!
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