How long do you wait?

I found a set that I wanted and debated on buying it. It wasn't too expensive so I finally ordered it. At the time there were six sets available. That was at the beginning of April. I've sent 5 or 6 messages and the only response I received was "i'll check and let you know in 15 minutes". I think they meant 15 days or 15 weeks. There are still some more sets available. Should I buy more or just sit here and wait patiently and assume it takes 35-45 days to mail comics?


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    No, you should have by now. Maybe advise them they need to send you a shipment tracking number within 24 hours and you need to receive the comics in a few days more or will escalate to HipComic support.
  • I ended up getting taken for the money. Basically all the seller has to do is wait until he gets automatic good feedback. Then when I attempted to get the money back from Paypal he offered to do me right. A week later I asked again and received a tracking number. That made me wait for the package which has never been delivered to the post office so it has never been shipped. Eventually Paypal dismissed my claim and now I can't follow up.
  • It would be nice if the community knew who the seller was in instances like this.
  • I think Hipcomic will penalize the buyer before holding the seller accountable. I am getting a list of sellers who are in on this same cat and mouse game. I may start dropping names here when I decide its worth the risk of Hip booting me from the site.
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    I am the buyer, simon-garth
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