SolvedFine Used Listings from eBay sync have condition set to Unspecifiied

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All listings via eBay sync that have FU in the title for condition (fine used in the description) have condition set as Unspecified.


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  • I've never actually come across FU before as an abbreviation for Fine Used, I just googled this, and came across a few other sellers from New Zealand who appear to use this terminology, perhaps it's regional?

    Either way, we can take this into account in our system. However, before we make an update, can you provide a list of other abbreviations you currently use, so we can address those as well. For example, I assume you would then also use VFU for Very Fine Used?

  • Thanks Mark, yes, I guess it's regional. Abbreviations in use here are:

    CTO = Cancelled To Order
    U = Used
    GU = Good Used
    FU = Fine Used
    VFU = Very Fine Used
    SU = Superb Used
    MLH = Mint Light Hinged
    MUH = Mint Unhinged, Mint Never Hinged

  • You should be all set now.
  • Perfect. Thanks Mark.
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