Giveaway Exploitation

Is there anyway to fix the giveaway program?
Since buying and selling I do my duty to click the entry every day and when I buy something. But what kills me is all the 0 accounts that are literally numerically generations of a main account winning the prize?
I know I too could go make 40 fake emails on outlook and register 40 times to farm daily free entries but really….
There is a reason there is the “mail in” method for almost all other contests. Mail in makes it so much more unlikely that a prize pool is exploited since the mailer has to buy a postage stamp for the “free” entry.
As it stands of the last 56 prize drawings 59% or 33 of the wins have come from people who then and now have never used the site for a purchase. Of those I’d be willing to guess all but maybe 2 are farm entries.
Can you all delegate one person to accept mailed in entries as free (1 per day per person going by the postage received by stamp) and remove the “free” click so that your actual paying customers at least win more then those farming?
It’s just a thought. Fun fact of all the 9.8 infinity comics given away only one winner had any purchase count and even that was below 10 so statistically a farm account almost always wins those.


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    Case and point. A 2018 account that won with 0 buying ie a farm account.
    Super frustrating to see a program to reward buying being blatantly abused :(
  • So maybe I am paranoid lol this day and age likely.... anyways did the announcement for the winners become a mail in only thing now? I can't seem to find links to those winning any of the items.
    It used to be below the current giveaways no?
    Anyways I hope ya all are looking at this instead of making it mail in to see a farm account won the comic ya all should make the daily free mail in only and allow those purchasing to get "online" entries and show the winners for full disclosure.
    Just my opinion, as I used to shop daily for run stuff (flash run building) and would max out my entries daily until I realized the current problem the give a way faces.
  • It's right where it has always been . . .
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    I agree with the OP that there should be some limitations set against shell accounts created solely to increase odds of winning a raffle. There were two recent winners that had a feedback of ZERO, so the problem is real.
    I suggest a minimum feedback rating of say,10, in order to qualify for winning a prize? A minimum feedback requirement would help weed out the fake accounts, plus assure that a winner has contributed fairly as a legitimate customer in this marketplace.
  • Another blank account (bogus account with zero feedback set up just to increase wins) just won March 2022's giveaway. Why don't Hipcomic put in a rule (mimimum feedback of some amount) to reduce this type of scamming. Winning account should be someone who's at least either bought or sold to some degree.
  • They are not going to set a minimum feedback rule for one simple reason. The giveaway is not about rewarding existing members, but about attracting new users, which, by definition, means zero feedback.
  • I'm glad somebody crunched the numbers l had a series hunch this was going on there s no one to complain too ive never got a single response from hip about any complaints on anything I've dropped probley over 5k in the last 18 months. Plus if you make purchases it should auto enroll you for more chances ibe lost probley 100 entries because of cut off times on auctions and the east coast time difference or I just forget to click back over after the auction real close to taking my business somewhere else ive had to cut lose 6 vendors because of fraud since ive been buying here .
  • How about to qualify you must have had a purchase or sale on the platform in the previous 90 days, something like that? Easy enough to verify and would seem to address this problem? Or at least force the farm accounts to have some skin in the game?
  • I like the idea of proof of purchase within last 90 days or something. I've made several purchases recently, however the sellers never returned feedback, so I'm still sitting on 0.
  • Good observation Chris. I haven’t made a purchase since July, but a couple were from two of the larger sellers on here and neither left feedback.
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