Giveaway Exploitation

Is there anyway to fix the giveaway program?
Since buying and selling I do my duty to click the entry every day and when I buy something. But what kills me is all the 0 accounts that are literally numerically generations of a main account winning the prize?
I know I too could go make 40 fake emails on outlook and register 40 times to farm daily free entries but really….
There is a reason there is the “mail in” method for almost all other contests. Mail in makes it so much more unlikely that a prize pool is exploited since the mailer has to buy a postage stamp for the “free” entry.
As it stands of the last 56 prize drawings 59% or 33 of the wins have come from people who then and now have never used the site for a purchase. Of those I’d be willing to guess all but maybe 2 are farm entries.
Can you all delegate one person to accept mailed in entries as free (1 per day per person going by the postage received by stamp) and remove the “free” click so that your actual paying customers at least win more then those farming?
It’s just a thought. Fun fact of all the 9.8 infinity comics given away only one winner had any purchase count and even that was below 10 so statistically a farm account almost always wins those.


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