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I wanted to actually test out the recent changes. Like anyone a new and shiny change can be interesting and sometimes difficult to figure out (old dog new tricks).
I wanted to share my input as a very active buyer and somewhat active seller.
Right off I would love to suggest a tool option to have my Member sidebar as an option to have on the home page. It has definitely started feeling like I have to click ten times (not really but feels this way) in order to get to selling options or buying options.
As for the front page design:
Your recently Viewed Bubbles : There seems to be a lot of recently viewed tabs on the main home page now. Not sure this helps a buyer at all.

Your recently Searched for : again this is so similar in nature to viewed that I get a little confused as to the specific need for this, and to be honest if I am searching for something and don't find it I would only want to see if it was added to the sight not a reminder I didn't find it.

Recommended for you: Again this seems to be the sites idea of what I want based on my search history and what I viewed so this makes more sense but at the same time causes me to say "why is there a recently viewed and recently searched area?

Featured Listings: This is practical and I get this, I do believe it gets pretty stale at times with little new items shuffling around on it but if a seller wants to show off a sale item cool.

The latest from your feed: Super confused to this area. It says 18,000 items when I click it. On the surface it feels like its feeding me auctions I would be interested in but isn't that what the other Recent areas are for?

Latest from your favorite Sellers: I do like this as it allows me to not need to actually check the stores of my favorite sellers as often since it feeds me new listings. (less clicking more happy buyer me lol)

Popular Auctions: Like this as it makes it faster to see stuff that I may be interested in more. Not sure all the sorting features on it are working correctly when I sort high to low it wasnt working earlier for me.

Imput: Since the change the focus that was originally put on the daily/weekly/monthly auctions we as sellers were subbiting listings to seems greatly diminished into a bunch of not needed features that are cluttering up the eye. The Banner style rotating of the featured auctions was massive clickbait and caused me to buy a lot of comics that normally I wouldn't have. Now I find myself just clicking specific sellers I have bought from off and on instead of the auctions.
There is wayyyy too many features now on the home screen. Featured Listings, Popular Auctions, Latest from your favorite, Recommended for you, Maybe one Your recent Searches, and the front area would feel less overwhelming and cluttered. I really believe the Huge rotating banner of scheduled and advertised auctions was a stronger draw for buyers to click and bid. My own seling experience has shown me that those auctions are the best way to reach sellers who may have limited time for searching a site but have money they want to spend.

Just food for thought the forums here are relatively dead compared to other sites. It doesn't help that to find a link to it has also become harder. What makes hipcomics different is what makes it great trying to capture to many of the "other guys" sites in features isn't necessarily the best option.


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  • Very thoughtful post, Joshua . . and I agree with you on all your points!
  • I am really trying to not be "that guy" who complains about any change, but I miss the rotating billboard up top. It reminded me of what was coming up in the way of auctions. I missed the Sunday Dec 26th auction because of it's absence in any "upcoming events".
  • Yeah and I have a lot (couple grand) in books in this weeks auction and the old auction that is over still holds the tiles space for the new one :/. This is a test for me to see if it’s the same or worse for traffic if worse and I lose out more then I expect then obviously will wait to submit more grade/ungraded keys for auction :(
    And I am 100% the popular auctions “area” does not sort at all I think it’s stuck on popular auction and most popular setting can’t be changed.
    This area is amazing for finding books I didn’t notice and someone else did and made a bid/watching it. But it would be nice to sort the popular auctions into high low etc.
    The big banner was a click bait and I really hope it’s brought back :/
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