Shop Has Items But Only Shows "We couldn't Find Any Matching Listings for Your Search." When Entered

Hi All,

I recently got directed to a Hipcomics store (Regale_us_Comics) from their Whatnot live auction. Their shop clearly shows items however when I enter the shop, it doesn't show any books. Just the message "We couldn't find any matching listings for your search." I have confirmed that there is nothing in the filter section that would cause this. I have tried other stores (ie: Mile High) and their books show but about half of the stores show the same massage indicated earlier. Could this be due to my location? I am located in Guam and that may consider me International. If so, how would the store address this so that I can purchase from them?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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  • Hans ---

    If a store has chosen not ship to your location, their listings will not show up as being available to you to purchase.

    International shipping from the US has become prohibitively expensive, and many stores have chosen to ship only to buyers in the continental US. Consequently, their comics will not appear as being available to you.
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