Block buyer

Having started selling here and seeing how the weekly auctions go I had a 10% 2/20 unique seller fail to pay.
That is crazy high on any other site I would be lucky to see 1/20 failure to pays.
Now I get we are in a pandemic and that may Influence things but it’s still to high on such a small sample.
One of the fail to pays magically responded to me once the order was canceled saying they had the money now and that they had internet problems (NY based buyer). Forgive me but free WiFi exists at a local Starbucks and there is one on every corner. Of course that buyer has a bunch of other fail to pays from other sellers….
Anyways really not sure why this is not just an option to begin with and hope it’s added soon. If I am forced to cancel winning auctions etc for my “list” of blocked buyers I have to keep written down it will push me away from the platform here.
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