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I've been posting a bunch of comic books using a iPad setup which was working great until today. When I hit the button to list similar in the classic version to post it automatically takes me to the app version which I'm not fond of because when I go to take pictures if books the camera doesn't work the same as in classic view and makes the photos blurry. And if I use classic version I have to retype everything because it doesn't save anything. It will post basic information on book except genre of it and doesn't save any prices or additional information you previously added. It did the same thing when I tried using my phone.


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  • Hello Brian,

    We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Our Support Team have reached out to you directly via email. If you have other concerns, please feel free to contact support@hipecommerce.com

    Thank you!
  • Hey Brian, I went through something similar. Here is the basic list, and I provided more detail/reasoning for the steps down below. Hit me up if you have any more questions. I was able to upload 4.5k+ books in a month with just me and my son (My son took the pictures, I did everything else).

    1- Take pictures using iPad camera, photos are saved to your Camera Roll
    2- Load pictures onto PC (to change file name)
    3- Load pictures into Bulk Lister / Image Manager tab
    4- Download Product CVS from Bulk Lister / Image Manager tab
    5- Edit CVS file to correct Bulk Lister errors and add prices
    6- Upload CVS file to Bulk Lister / Home/Upload tab
    7- Profit???

    I found the best the way was to take pictures of the books individually, using the standard iPad camera (get a $5 bluetooth camera remote as well for maximum efficiency). Then once you have pictures of your individual books, load them on to a pc if you have one available.

    The reason for this step is file naming issue from iOS operating systems. iOS operating systems store the file name as a series of alpha-numeric characters that have no rhyme or reason to them in a way that is useful for ordinary people (I'm sure there is a reason, but again, it is not useful for everyday people like you and me). A Windows-based PC will convert those file names to IMG_0001, IMG_0002, etc. This make it easy to find the photo you want see later, as opposed to going through these file names ASD079-LJH49-REJV5-JOONE-607PIK. I recommend storing every batch of uploads in its own folder, that way if the Bulk Lister comes back with some crazy Foreign Title for a book, you can just go pull up that exact image (the image used will be listed in the CVS file), and you can correct it without digging through the box. Also if you may need to reupload the images again, so this will save time.

    After the photos are transferred to the PC, you need to upload them to the Bulk Lister under seller tools. On the Bulk Lister screen, the far right tab is Image Uploader. Load all your images there. This takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the number of files. Once it is complete, download the CVS file by clicking one of the two buttons above the image loader. I recommend "Products." Product listings can be converted to auctions and then back to products, but auction listings can never be converted to products without technical support getting involved, so just stick with products unless you are for sure going to run everything as an auction.

    Once you have the CVS file, you can then edit this file to make sure the books you loaded are correctly identified by the system, as well as pricing and other things like categories. Most variants will be missed by the system (they are currently working on this), but for standard covers, it should get most of them correct. Outside of variant covers, the system gets about 90+% correct.

    After you have edited the file, go back to the Bulk Lister, and on the Home/Upload tab (the first one) upload your newly edited CVS file. If it takes you more than a day or two to get that CVS file set up, you may have to reload your images back into the bulk lister, so when you upload the file it will snag those pictures again, and load them permanently to HipComics' server. If they are not still there, just reupload them, it's not a huge deal as long as their file names have not been converted.
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