Who won the last giveaway? I put in like 50 times. I was really hoping. But still just want to know who won. Congrats to them!


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  • The name of the winner of the last giveaway has been deleted from the 'CLOSED' giveaways unusually early. I do remember noting, though, that it was someone with about 20 entries and a solid feedback number.

    "I put in like 50 times." • If that is true, you are not only a pretty good hacker, but you are breaking the rules here = one entry per day!

    Even 50 entries gives you no real advantage -- out of 25,000+ entries your chances still would have only been about 1 in 500.

  • I'm very sorry --- my post just above makes no sense, BECAUSE I FORGOT WHICH SITE I WAS ON!!

    My response was about the Giveaway over at HipStamp, where we watch the monthly Giveaway and its winners pretty closely!

    Sorry! :neutral:
  • The winner was “superman1756” who had 50 entries for those keeping score at home. I was surprised as I tried to enter daily, but only managed 34 times. I guess I’m not visiting the site as often as I thought.
  • Thanks Steve. I think I was in the high 40s. I tried...
  • Where are the winners posted? I only ask because I always wonder if maybe I just missed the email. (High hopes) thanks
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    On the Giveaways page, click on Filter, and select Closed Giveaways
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