Several of my listings have disappeared!

I have spent weeks trying to get my listings noticed, and finally starting to get bids. Sadly, as I have been monitoring several that have received bids and will be ending in a few hours, they have disappeared. When I search fro all of my listings, I don't see these. If I filter to just items that have bids, they do show. When I search for items ending soon, the search starts with items ending a day or more from now. It appears that if my items do actually sell at this point it will be for the highest bid received before they disappeared. Some of these were at my minimum starting bid of .75 A real bummer. I was on the fence with this site for a couple weeks then when activity finally started I was all ok, this is viable, maybe I'll stick with it. Now I'm back on the fence.


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    Item #'s 6420416, 6436457, 6436429 disappeared. I paid listing fee for them. I tried searching by title under auctions and no result.
  • Hi Fred, sorry to hear about this! Can you email our support team at and a member of our team will be able to look into this for you? Thank you!
  • still happening. I have a stack I want to list, but doing it over and over because the listings don't show is wasted effort.
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