Invasion Of The HIPSTAMP Terminologies!!

It's getting difficult to find slip-ups here in the well-oiled HIPCOMIC machinery . . .

. . . but I was just browsing and using the editing functions along the left border of the search pages, and came across this:


I think the use of the word 'catalog' here must be an import from HIPSTAMP and isn't really appropriate here. Wouldn't it be better to use the word 'issue' in this instance?

There is really no 'catalog' for comics (Price Guides, yes) and what this function is set up to do is just show matches for only one seller per issue being searched.

At least I think that's the intent.


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  • Becca StarrBBecca Starr Staff
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    Hi Dave, Glad you wrote in and we appreciate your bringing this to our attention! You're right that this terminology should be updated for HipComic.

    We'll pass this request along to our product team to review, and thanks again for your suggestion!
  • Thanks, Becca!

    I know it's trivial . . but the rest of the site is so near-perfect, I just thought I'd point it out!
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