Sellers responsibilities Too

It keeps coming back to bite me. We are told we are responsible for purchasing comics that we agree to buy. Once we hit the order button they are ours. So isnt it also an inherent responsiblity of sellers to honor auction results? Comics mysteriously disappear, sellers claim other individuals have coupons and get their comic back, and "we were hit hard this week with creatures roam and monsters dwell" buyers. I get tired of buying comics only to find the sellers aren t happy with the price they got for them and keep them. Hip since you read this feedback you need to devise some form of penalty for that happening. Refunding the money for an auction is not the answer to a fair auction result. Barehiney


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  • Yep I agree 100%! I just won Secret Wars 8 NM for $89 and I went to pay for it and it was GONE! What kind of BS is that? It’s a damn auction and I won it far and square. They shouldn’t be putting it up for auction if they are worried about not getting what they want for it. I’m highly pissed off! I want the damn book I won!
  • You should report this to management, James, while it is still recent . . and you are still fired up!

    Inexcusable seller actions!! Hit the 'Contact Us' tab at the bottom left!
  • I definitely will Dave thanks man...ya I’m not letting this go, it’s not right. I’ve messaged the seller 3 times now and still haven’t gotten a response. It’s BS
  • I agree with Dave, James. I won a stamp auction on HipStamp for the bargain basement opening bid, and the seller flat out told me he couldn't sell it at that low price. HipManagement made it right for me.
  • That's quite a violation of Hip eCommerce rules, Ted -- do you know if they just reprimanded the seller ?. . or banished him?!!

    Good for you for not suffering fools gladly!
  • So I got in contact with the seller, he’s fairly new, and explained to me the situation and what not. He’s making it up to me with the same book, little lower grade and no signature, which I’m fine with...this was just really a comic I had been wanting to add to my collection so getting it in a decent grade is fine with me. But I’m just glad he didn’t just ignore the situation, he said it was 100% on him and he’s still learning the ins and outs of the website so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt
  • Thanks for reporting on the outcome. Glad it was settled to your satisfaction.
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