BATGIRL / ROBIN Series, early mid 80s?

Ok, guys, I've been in active in collecting for a while, but am an avid reader and buy what has specific meaning or reference. Unfortunately I sold my major collection in one lot and then 8 full house floods over the past few decades have claimed everything else, BUT my memory isn't completely waterlogged, or is it?

I am pretty certain that I collected a series (maybe a mini series?) that revolved around Batgirl and Robin. I know that it was right after the late 70s period where DC used the Dynamite Duo reference for them. It was definately 'older period' it was Barbara Gordon and Dick Greyson, it was before Dick split to completely go Nightwing, and if memory serves it was right before DIck and Kori started a relationship. Matter of fcat I always had the feeling that the writers were leaving a LOT unsaid about Dick and Barabara's relationship.

But I cant find ANYTHING anywhere referencing this, her costume was much darker blue, but not yet black, and the artwork always struck ME as right on target. Point in fact at the time Macfarlane was doing Spiderman and the artwork was ALMOST a derivation of that. Their limbs were not as overly elongated as Spideys, but it was a GREAT looking art setup.

Anyone have any idea what Im talking about?

save my sanity please.......




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