Sellers not giving feedbacks

Why are sellers not giving feedbacks to buyers?


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    You are over-generalizing. Many sellers give prompt feedback when they ship an order.

    In my case, it is the BUYERS who are not giving feedback on an equal basis -- I have left over 3 times more feedbacks for comics I have sold, than I have received from my buyers!!
  • You are correct. I should have said why are some sellers not giving feedbacks. i gave feedback as soon as I received my items.

    My sincere apology.


  • You are a GOOD BUYER! :smiley:
  • I recently noticed one of the larger volume sellers on here apparently hasn’t left feedback since 2017. I understand why it’s considered far easier to be a “good” buyer than a seller, but there are times a buyer needs that fb as a sort of reference.
    Plus, it’s a “thank you”.
  • Exactly!

    And if the seller you're referring to is who I THINK it is, if he'd just take a few minutes to leave me one-word feedbacks for all the comics I have purchased from him, my feedback score would jump by 50%!!

  • I love having good interactions within our community, sometimes i forget to leave feedback as a buyer, however i always go back and update it
  • Might be a good thing some buyers don't leave feadback.

    Im out of town for work and my wife just sent me a photo of the package of an order i just got where the seller put my books in a soft photo envelope with a cute little "do not bend" sticker on it.. which.. USPS took so kindly as to use it as a football.

    2nd order in a row for them same seller.. (major seller on this site too).. My last order I had to get a partial refund because they sent both the wrong book and used the incorrect photo on another... Im not even going to bother this time around, Im just never going to buy from this seller again.
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