Sellers not giving feedbacks

Why are sellers not giving feedbacks to buyers?


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    You are over-generalizing. Many sellers give prompt feedback when they ship an order.

    In my case, it is the BUYERS who are not giving feedback on an equal basis -- I have left over 3 times more feedbacks for comics I have sold, than I have received from my buyers!!
  • You are correct. I should have said why are some sellers not giving feedbacks. i gave feedback as soon as I received my items.

    My sincere apology.


  • You are a GOOD BUYER! :smiley:
  • I recently noticed one of the larger volume sellers on here apparently hasn’t left feedback since 2017. I understand why it’s considered far easier to be a “good” buyer than a seller, but there are times a buyer needs that fb as a sort of reference.
    Plus, it’s a “thank you”.
  • Exactly!

    And if the seller you're referring to is who I THINK it is, if he'd just take a few minutes to leave me one-word feedbacks for all the comics I have purchased from him, my feedback score would jump by 50%!!

  • I love having good interactions within our community, sometimes i forget to leave feedback as a buyer, however i always go back and update it
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