PlannedIn the Catalog Collection Service, I want to track detailed condition information

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In the Catalog Collection Service, I want to track detailed condition information.

Such as:
* Are the Corners Sharp


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  • We've marked this item as planned for development - but we'll need your help! We need to first decide on the attributes we want to track. Here's the current working list - please add your comments if you think we're missing anything!

    Page Color
    Edge Wear
    Spine Wear
  • Here is the full list from Overstreet. Frankly, this is too much, but a sub-set of these might be a good place to start - I have put an * by the subset I would start with. I also have a spreadsheet I would be happy to share that has all of the Category Definitions per Grade - I took these directly from my Overstreet Book. For example Staple Tears for 9.2 is None Allowed, and for 9.0 is only the slightest tears allowed. I have them all mapped from .5 to 10 for all categories above...

    If you want to look at my spreadsheet - just give me an email address to send it to...

    Thanks for looking at this as a potential feature!

    Bindery - Printing
    Cover Inks/Gloss*
    Cover Wear
    Cover Creases*
    Spine Roll*
    Spine Split
    Staple Tears*
    Rust Migration
    Stress Lines
    Interior Tears
    Paper Quality/Color
    Acid Odor (my favorite)
    Missing Pieces
    Amateur Repairs
    Coupon Cut

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