Sellers who start auctions with FREE SHIPPING, then add shipping 2 days before the end of auction.

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Quality Comix listed books this past week WITH FREE SHIPPING! I just discovered after putting down bids on a few more of their books that they added a shipping cost within 48 hours of the end of auction on those books & one's I already bid on before they added the shipping! This is a blatant FRAUDULENT selling practice that should not even be possible! It's definitely fraud when I've already had bids down before that change in the auction details, which you would never get away with on eBay, because they have it set up where a seller could not do that after bids are already placed! So why is it possible here?


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  • Additionally, there's proof that they had this FREE SHIPPING when Hipcomic checks out the 2 books I already paid for & was already shipped out by Quality Comix.....
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  • I mean the cheaper i score something the more i expect to pay some exorbitant shipping rates, its par the course. But there are definitely things that shouldn't be possible.
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