Resolving a bid on an auction. Entered 226 vs 26?

In an auction I entered 226 instead of 26. Explained it to the Seller as soon as it happened. Of course I won the auction. Should I be responsible for the 220 price tag if the seller can not contact the actual winning bud?


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  • no way. its clear that an honest mistake. it would be little understandable if ur bid was few dollars off like for example a bid for 101 but you entered 110. Thats. not Much difference so then i would see how you would be responsible for that. But your bid was 200 off, it was clear a mistake and therefore you should NOT be responsible and they Seller should NOT force you to comply especially since were all here collecting and we all Love comics. This is a tight community and we should all act like that and NOT try to rip people off for a simple type O.
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