Resolving a bid on an auction. Entered 226 vs 26?

In an auction I entered 226 instead of 26. Explained it to the Seller as soon as it happened. Of course I won the auction. Should I be responsible for the 220 price tag if the seller can not contact the actual winning bud?


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  • no way. its clear that an honest mistake. it would be little understandable if ur bid was few dollars off like for example a bid for 101 but you entered 110. Thats. not Much difference so then i would see how you would be responsible for that. But your bid was 200 off, it was clear a mistake and therefore you should NOT be responsible and they Seller should NOT force you to comply especially since were all here collecting and we all Love comics. This is a tight community and we should all act like that and NOT try to rip people off for a simple type O.
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    Personally as a buyer and a seller I understand when mistakes happen. I would expect others to understand as well and compromise.

    With that said being a buyer I feel if you feel you made a mistake and were not willing to spend the additional $200 and it was supposed to be $26 then I would also expect you to understand the seller to either hold a new auction or give it to next highest bidder. In a lot of cases the next highest bidder may in fact be the same “$226 bid” but they lost because their time was later than yours. It’s plausible you and the seller have a miscommunication where you believe you should still win the comic at $26. The seller feels someone else should now be the winner. You both have good points however in any other auction what I described above I believe would be what happened. I would also like to point out that in these bids we do here the system will accept your highest bid. However, it will only raise the bid enough to win the bid. It tells me there was definitely a bid higher than $200.00
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