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Hi all ,
I am brand new to your community and did not fill in all the pictures and bio information before buying my first two books from your penny auction. What fun ! I won on 2 books on the 16th and paid for them on the 17th
I am hoping for some information since I have not received the books I paid for and was charged $10 to send from Tenn to Tex (ok maybe) but the tracking info stops at:

September 19, 2019, 2:41 pm
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 2:41 pm on September 19, 2019 in NASHVILLE, TN 37208. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

*not looking good*
But before contacting PayPal and damaging someones reputation , I thought I would ask around and see if perhaps this person had an emergency or family issue??
So does anyone in the community have contact with or communication with the seller PWHY.Inc ? arch_rival_patrick ?
Or by all means , clue me in if I have missed something or done something wrong myself.
Thank you in advance


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  • Heard from seller this very evening. books dropped tonight and should be on their way soon :)
  • I guess someone reads this discussion board, after all. :wink:
  • I like to have faith in people as a general rule, But dang, if they don't make it tough these days.
    4 days , With it being Sunday , It is my hallucination that my books will come in Mondays mail :)
  • *Smile* Sure enough. books safely in hand . Finally. Not the most auspicious of starts. 2 weeks from purchase...But hey life happens to us all GL
  • I don't know the seller's situation, but if you have thousands of books listed, you print out the lable and go look for the book and it isn't in the box you thought it was. and then you have to look around for it. life gets in the way, maybe you have another job. I can see a couple of days elapsing between printing the lable and getting the books in the mail. This was a bit on the longer end, true. But it happens. As for $10 for 2 books, that sounds like a lot unless they are slabs. I suppose if they are expensive books sent in a big box with a ton of protection that would be $10.
  • I’m waiting on a big book from PWHY.Inc too. They need to get their business together. I e reached out by email and no response. My patience is gone.
  • sadly this happened as my first purchase returning to the hobby after a 23 year hiatus ( like many who * rightly so* felt betrayed my something that we had lost faith in . I bought 2 books that evening ,not slabbed .
    In fact my next purchase was my first slabbed ever in 50 years of collecting. Werewolf by night #32 9.2
    That was such a cluster**ck that 1 month after winning auction ( I sent my payment that morning) I finally got my book after speaking to about a dozen people at Comiclink and having their shipping manager get pissy and hangup on me *wtf* clearly , I have done no other business with them.
    On a up note I went off and found CBCS and CGC forums..great awesome people . made some wonderful purchase from numerous other places. Hey Aidan , I can roll with life happening... sadly I am encountering "some" that do the min to get by , packaging is a joke and 0 communication after a purchase *shrug*
    happily for every one of those I meet a seller who provides top shelf service packaging and customer support. I was so impressed with the second seller of 2 that I bought the same book from , that as a way of saying thanks ( besides the letter I sent them) I immediately went to their store and bought a med priced book for no reason other then to say thanks. Since I dont buy copper/modern they received the message loud and clear. Lou good luck and I hope you finally got your comics
  • Hi, Mike!
    Just looking through and found your post. Small world
  • Hiya Jon ,
    Yeah Damn near Micro ;)
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