How do you decide the sale price for your comics?

I'm not asking a technical question about HipComic. I'm asking about what methods and references you use to price out the comic books you list for sale.

I collected comics for about 10 years starting in the late '90s, and it's time to clear out the basement. My online sales experience, though, is with stamps, not comics. I'm trying to figure out what method to use to price my comics for sale. With stamps, I know about the Scott catalogue (or Stanley Gibbons, or Y&T, or ...). I also know that it is common to price at a discount to catalogue. With comics, though, I don't really know anything.

I'm not looking for anyone to divulge their own trade secrets. Mostly, I'm looking to get an idea of whether there is a typical science to how people price their comics. For example, is Overstreet the most-common source for pricing? Are there others? Are the values listed in it realistic, or do people price at a % of it?

Thanks for any insight that you're willing to share.


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