Will consignee be a part of HipStamp? I have about 1000 items in my bidStart store that are consignee items. Some of them are very similar to items I sell. Without the consignee filter on bidStart, it is very difficult to tell whose items are whose. Please, I am begging you to add consignee to HipStamp.


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  • For what it's worth, I use a unique three character code (that are unusual combinations not likely to to come up in searches) in my private IDs to identify consignees. Makes filtering easy. Just an alternate suggestion.
  • I need the consignee filter also. That's a good idea, Doug. I wasn't sure if you could keep using the same code over and over in private ID's.
  • No, probably can't repeat the same code in multiple listings. I just add my three character code as a suffix to my normal private ID format. e.g. USA1000-01 versus USA1000-02XVA. I can then sort by XVA when I export the data, or when I see it, I recognize it as a particular consignment.
  • Please, please, please do not get rid of bidStart until you add consignee to HipStamp!
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