Mile High Comics

Has anyone noticed on every platform you find Mile High Comics the baby of the long time enthusiast Chuck Rosezanski the comic book pictures are always posted cropped right to the edge so you cannot see the corners, spine or edges at all. Just like you would expect from some amateur or shady crook and we all know that’s not true of this establishment. But it’s been that way for decades now. Personally I buy a lot and expensive but have never been interested in the extra effort buying online from them. Is it possible their unaware? Hard to believe but what else could be the answer to such a deterrent to sales for so many years!! Just wondering.


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  • I think there’s a substantial number of customers that don’t look at the photos and an equal number that view images on their phones, so images aren’t given the scrutiny on would expect.
  • Every platform! Who doesn’t look at a $3,300 book to decide if they want to pursue buying it? Just tried to look at their Green Lantern #1 can’t see it. Moving on!
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