Marvel Metal trading cards

So from what I could tell Marvel Metal cards are pretty popular right now and kind of pricey. So can anyone explain to me why I put 16 of them up for auction and not even one person has looked at them? What am I supposed to do to in order for them to be seen by people. I even have my auction starting at 99 cents...I'm totally going to get screwed on this one if I can't figure out a way to advertise. Can anyone offer suggestions?


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  • Hi. I have never blogged or looked at a Forum discussion before. Today was first time and I saw your questions about the Metal Cards. I went to your site to check them out but did not see any?

    I have been seriously thinking of becoming a seller (but only for as long as it takes) as I have a need to sell everything I have, which is approximately 5000+. I took a $8k hosing by selling 11,000+ to a dealer. My better stuff and full runs and CGC things I still have, but most everything will be up for sale. I have tried on Craigslist & Offer Up to sell, but have not had any kind of success.

    I do see a lower percentage taken away selling here than EBay. Is it possible to "link" from here to EBay without them getting a cut?

    Look forward to your reply.

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    Hi Shannon,

    We appreciate your interest in selling with us. I sent you a message directly to answer your questions. Feel free to reach back out to me directly if I can help with anything else!

    Best regards,
    Anj Barros
    Hip Support
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