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I know what makes a comic a pedigree. I have looked at CGC's list of pedigrees as well as comic book pedigree web page listing of pedigrees. I have come across a few comics that a seller states are pedigree. I am unable to find any information on the name of the pedigree anywhere. The comic is not CGC graded with a pedigree nor advertised with a certificate to prove its a pedigree. Thoughts and feedback. I am not trying to discredit a comic book seller rather educate myself and learn how not to be fooled and know what it real.


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  • Hi Patti,
    I’m no expert, just a collector who enjoys things like date stamps, names on GA books, pedigree, and provenance. There’s been a great deal of shenanigans in the marketplace as pertains to pedigrees, particularly the last half decade or so with sellers creating pedigree designations out of thin air to help sell comics or entire collections. You don’t necessarily have to discredit the seller as he/she might be misinformed, but they should be able to offer info or backstory on anything labeled “pedigree” or “from the collection of...”, specifically if they’re asking a premium on the book.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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