Does HipComics have a service like e-bay to purchase shipping labels through USPS ?

I'm new, I was looking for some helpful information on shipping before I open a store.
Thank you,


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  • Yes, from the Members Area > Selling > Orders page, you can click on the "View on PayPal" link, which will take you directly to the PayPal transaction page, which includes a "Ship" link which you can use to print a shipping label. In general, this should provide you with a ~10% discount compared to purchasing through the post office.

    You can also use third-party programs such as ShippingEasy and ShipStation and automatically import your HipComic orders through the PayPal integration in those programs (since we send full order details to PayPal).
  • I tried PayPal's ShipStation and found the prices to be all over the place and sometimes exorbitant - as though their software isn't programmed for the nuances of each shipper. I use PirateShip now, ever since eBay's label system went on the fritz for me earlier this year. I've never been disappointed and have almost certainly saved money in the long run.
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