Marvel Comics #1 $1.2 Million

"It's the "finest known copy" of the comic book, according to Heritage Auctions, which handled the bidding. It's also the most anyone has ever paid for a comic from Marvel Comics, it said."


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  • there is part of me that is always happy to see success, and yet I still recall what happened in the 90's when the "Investment" "Speculation" rush started . I left the hobby for 20 years , I would wish not to see it again
  • the crash of the 90's was wayyyy different than an iconic comic that's fifty or more years old. people were buying 30 copies of death of superman and wanting 20 bucks for it a week later.
  • Oh my god ! Woah! You think he opens it up and reads it?
  • Or swats flies with it. Just to show off to his buds how rich.... he really is.!???
  • Alex Turbin makes a good point about the 90's crash.

    I did BTW get $20 for the Superman Books.
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