Bought book, was cancelled and refunded, but says book shipped.

I bought a book from Cloud9ComicsAndMore on January 17. It was Moon Knight Fist of Khonshu 2. I paid for the order and then 2 days later its cancelled. But on the 23rd I get an email saying its been shipped, even though there was no tracking info posted. I contacted the seller and have had radio silence. Wanted to ask here what's going on and if anyone else has ever had that happen?


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  • They may have accidentally clicked wrong action on the drop down sellers get.
    Iv ordered from them before they will reply baring rl or weekends and not in store. Pretty sure they are a brick and mortar store. If not they are a big online store as they sell a ton on eBay as well.
  • These guys are a bunch of clowns. Take a look at their ebay profile. They have gotten almost 20 negative feedback doing this clown activity. It's quite funny because I'm a comic book store owner too and one of my customers told me their story of how their preorder for Catwoman #39 1:25 got canceled and not even refunded because it's outside of the 30 day ebay money back guarantee window.

    Looks like they canceled on 16 people, then re-list the book for the pumped up price. What a joke of a comic book store. Delivering for your customers is worth more than making more on some books. I sent out every copy I presold.

    Learn to treat your customers better or get out of the comic book game. Joshua Smith how brown is that nose of yours?

    Just stop buying comics from these turds. There are so many better options for online retailers and even if they are the only option in your town don't even bother giving these clowns business.
  • Not sure having had no bad experience with them makes me a brown nosier?
    If I went by 16 people out or 30,000 I wouldn’t own or buy anything and would be afraid of the dark. Like most snowflakes out there anymore.
    But what do I know, I don’t want the over head of a brick and mortar shop and simple sell comics for a hobby.
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