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Hey Everyone, I’m new here but have been collecting comics for many years. I opened up a store and just started running some live auctions. Feel free to check out my books.


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  • Hi John welcome to the community. Best of luck with your store
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    Hi Ya'll !!!! I' m Niki. How do u do?
    Hello Mr. Ciccone, love ur name
    Hello Mr. Zantara, love ur name TOO!!!!
    I'm brand new, just got a killer comic collection .
    Happy to be alive, today !!!!
  • I see this is an old thread,
    My cb handle is: "frog leg"
  • I think the site is still developing a following but I come on at various times to check things out.
  • Ive been checking in here a little bit more often. Ive been pretty busy with my HipComic Store, getting scans, photos and descriptions up for 2,500 book is VERY time consuming. I really enjoy displaying the books and sharing them though.

  • Hi john im new on here but I see u said u opened a comic store maybe u would be interested in my collection of 51 Calgary eye opener comic with early Carl barks art range from years 1926 thru 1938. Also maybe you could head me in the direction of a buyer. Thank u for your time
  • Dean

    The Key to moving any books is lots of high quality pics and info about the books. while I am familiar with Carl Barks, I have no idea what "51 Calgary eye opener comic" is? 51 Books? Much more info a quality photos would be require to further any discussion.

  • ". . lots of high quality pics and info about the books. . "

    That's our hallmark at Benny's Comics Corner - probably more scans of interior pages than any other seller here, and a mini-history and full description of each book, . . but it hasn't translated into an avalanche of sales!
  • Hey guys! I am new to HipComics! Super excited to to be part of this community!! I have an eBay store. I’m trying to sync my eBay store and HipComic store. Any advice?
  • Hello hello hello, I too am new to hip comic and so far I like it. I’m debating on selling any of my collection. I just can’t do it. But I can buy buy buy
  • Hi am from libya and am new pleas how can i know value to my team
  • Is there a way to search for stores in Canada (shipping is usually easier and cheaper). Thanks
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